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Why Install a Frameless Glass Balustrade On your Balcony

Many commercial and residential structures have balconies. These features are an extension of the rooms they are attached to, and allow you to enjoy the outdoor environment without actually stepping out of your home. However, it becomes necessary to install resilient and strong balustrades along the periphery of the balcony.

Glass is a very commonly used material in modern day structures. We at Quantum provide excellent frameless glass balustrades for balconies. These custom designed features are built using toughened and laminated glass panels.

Benefits of a Glass Balustrade System for Balconies

You have the option to choose between fully-framed, semi-framed or frameless glass balustrades. There are a number of reasons why you should install a frameless glass balustrade on your balcony, rather than concrete or metal is a good option:

#1 Aesthetics

Glass lends a very sophisticated and elegant look to any area. It blends in well with different types of design concepts and doesn’t clash with the décor in your home. Since it is transparent, it fits in very unobtrusively in your balcony space, regardless of how the area has been designed.

#2 Unobstructed Views

The idea of having a balcony space is that you are able to enjoy the view and the beauty of the surrounding spaces even when you are sitting down. However, if you have a metal, wood or concrete balustrade, it can obstruct the view, which defeats the reason for having a balcony.

Contrastingly, the glass panels of the frameless system do not obstruct the view in any way. In fact even when you opt for our semi-framed or fully-framed systems, the metal has a very narrow profile. This means you get a very good view even when you are seated there. If you feel that you need some privacy in that space, you can opt for frosted glass panels. These would allow natural light to filter through, while providing you the privacy you need.

#3 Natural Light

As mentioned earlier, the glass panels also bring in plenty of light into the balcony space. If you have a semi-enclosed balcony, a glass balustrade can make a distinct difference to the overall appeal and depth of the area. It allows natural light to filter through adding a cheery look to the area.

#4 Safety

We use toughened and laminated glass in our balustrades and these panels are extremely resilient. The structural glass systems will be firmly affixed to the floor and walls of the balcony, providing a very strong and stable structure that adds safety to the area. Since glass panels have very smooth and seamless surfaces, children and pets are unable to find a foothold and clamber over the balcony.

#5 Easy To Maintain

When you get any feature for your home you want to ensure that its low maintenance. Glass is very easy to maintain and all it needs is an occasional clean with diluted soap water. You don’t have to worry about things like painting, polishing etc. which are very common with wooden and metal features. Climatic changes do not impact the glass panels, which makes it an excellent material for your balcony.

No matter which way you look at it, glass balustrades are an excellent addition to your balcony feature. We will custom-design this structure for you and ensure that the best quality materials and workmanship are used in the balustrade project. This ensures the strength and longevity of the feature.

While we always focus on providing cost-effective solutions, this never comes at the cost of quality. For any more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Quantum Frameless Glass. You can call 1300 298 898 or contact us through this online form.

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