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Why Glass Fencing is Best For Poolscapes

If you are considering getting a fence installed along the periphery of your poolscape, you must have checked out what kind of materials and installations are available in the market. You will find there are wood, aluminium, metal and glass fences to choose from. While timber and metal are sturdy materials, many people are now opting for glass fences; and there are some distinct reasons for this.

When you want any outdoor installation for your property, you want to be sure that it will be able to weather climatic changes and that it won’t get impacted by the pool water too. Wood tends to get affected by water and it requires constant maintenance and painting. Metal fences are sturdy, but they tend to rust over time. Vinyl is also used in outdoor applications but it can eventually fade and warp.

Why opt for glass fencing?

The one material that stays unaffected by all these factors is glass. Take a look at why this is the best material for poolscapes:


Glass may seem fragile, but when you choose panels of the right thickness, and the installation is done in the right manner, you can be sure that the installation will last for a number of years without any trouble.


The primary reason for getting a fence installed around the pool is safety. You don’t want your kids or pets wandering into this area unsupervised. Even if you have older children, you want to be able to supervise them when they are using the pool and getting a clear glass fence installed is the best way to do that.


If you have a wooden or metal fence, kids can easily clamber over it. However, when you get a glass fence installed, you don’t have to worry about this aspect; since the surfaces are smooth, kids and pets can’t climb over the fence.


Wooden and metal fences block the view and make spaces look smaller. On the other hand, a glass fence demarcates the space well and provides safety and security without compromising on the openness. In fact, if you have a smaller yard and get a glass fence installed, you will find that the space looks larger and more attractive.

Low maintenance

This is one more aspect that homeowners look for when they are getting any feature for their home. Glass is very easy to maintain and it only has to occasionally be cleaned with a diluted soap solution and water. It doesn’t get impacted by the water and stays in good conditions for a very long time.

Value for money

The upfront cost of glass fencing is a little higher than wooden or vinyl fencing. But when you take the maintenance and longevity factors into consideration you will find that they provide value in the long term.

Aesthetics and versatility

Glass is a very versatile option and it complements the look of different types of outdoor spaces. Regardless of whether you have a formal or casual styled yard space, glass will enhance the appearance of your property. It is also a perfect option if your home is situated close to the ocean as the glass doesn’t get impacted by the salty sea air. Since we use high-grade, corrosion resistant stainless steel frames and hardware in the work, you don’t have to worry about things like rusting and deterioration.

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