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beautiful, custom-built frameless glass
balustrades and Bamboo Fencing

Balustrades for Staircases

Maximise light and space with elegant, secure glass balustrading
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Terraces and Balconies

Uninterrupted views of your garden with frameless glass balustrading
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Pool Fencing

Safety and beauty with high quality, seamless glass fencing
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Bamboo Building Products

Natural, elegant, sustainable and perfect for Australia’s climate
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Enjoy uninterrupted views

For indoors and outdoors, glass is a natural choice, providing a barrier without interrupting your view and letting natural light flow. Glass staircases create a unique statement in homes and office buildings, redefining the quality of where you live and work.

Seamless glass pool fences provide maximum safety while maintaining beauty and elegance in your garden. For beautifying your home, frameless glass balustrades perform the best. The innovative design of balcony and staircase with glass fencing makes the home look beautiful.

Elegance and Quality through Innovation

At Quantum Frameless Glass we take great pride in designing and delivering high quality glass balustrading for residential and commercial projects that need beautiful, seamless solutions. 

Each of our systems is designed with aesthetic and strength in mind, to be resistant to Australia’s extreme climate. We design and manufacture our unique fittings in Australia, with our glass balustrading featured in some of Sydney’s most iconic homes.


Before installing any pool fence, we offer a unique consultation process that guarantees your pool fence will pass certification.

This prevents your pool fence from later being rejected by councils for lack of compliance.

Our five-step S.A.F.E.R. design process brings together frameless glass experts and accredited pool certifiers, to ensure your design will pass. You can enjoy total peace of mind and certainty of budget.

Choose the style that suits your home

Quantum Frameless Glass offers three installation options:
  • Top fix – the glass is fixed on top, generally using a spigots channel
  • Side fix – for this method we use stand-off pins and stainless steel buttons
  • Channel fix – unique to Quantum Frameless Glass for pool fences, we create a 100% seamless glass pool fence by shaping the glass to embed it deep into the ground, while preserving a gap below for the natural flow of water. No hardware whatsoever is used for this design


Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing
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Bamboo Building Products

Bamboo Building Products
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Our Quantum Spigot Pledge

As opposed to most spigots available today, produced by casting for cost reasons mainly, our Premium Range of fittings is manufactured by high precision CNC machining for superior quality, greater precision and consistency. Made of high quality 316L marine grade Stainless steel forged bar, all our spigots come with a choice of satin or mirror finish depending on applications and aesthetic.

A critical element of a pool fence is of course to ensure the safety of children around a pool area. As a guarantee of quality all our stock toughened glass panels carry a conformity mark to Australian standards. All our spigots are covered by a lifetime structural warranty and 30 days money back guarantee.



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