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Our Bamboo Products Pledge



We use only the highest quality bamboo, styled by leading designers and installed by expert fitters




All Quantum bamboo is designed and installed to maximise strength and stability



Each of our projects is uniquely designed to suit your individual needs and style and fit seamlessly with your home’s design

Bamboo: the natural, elegant & sustainable choice

For an elegant and durable solution for decking and back fencing, our sustainably-sourced bamboo is ideal.

Treated with Danish WOCA oil to sustain and nourish natural wood, our bamboo comes in 20 different colours ranging from a raw finish through a spectrum of natural tones.

Perfect for decking, cladding and safety-compliant boundary fences, all our standard panels and customer creations are designed and built in Australia.

Slatting gaps can be adjusted to balance light and privacy.

About bamboo

Bamboo is becoming the natural material of choice for the construction and interior design industry. With better termite resistance and fireproofing, it is increasingly replacing timber in building projects across the world.

Bamboo is also a sustainable and ethical choice. Instead of felling a 70-year-old tree, bamboo stems can be harvested after just 3-5 years, leaving the bamboo plant alive.

At Quantum we’re also in talks with farmers to plant bamboo crops, so we can one-day source locally grown bamboo for a 100% Australian-made product.

Seamless glass design with expert installation

Quantum Frameless Glass solutions have been designed by installers and we use all our own hardware and fittings.

Our innovative active clamping concept comes from our experience and observations following decades of glass installation. 

With our unique spigots, glass is fitted with maximum strength but with minimum pressure on the glass. Lower quality, generic spigots tend to stress glass as well as creating unsightly gaps between the glass and the spigot.

Our Quantum Diamond Spigots combine strength with elegance, using ultra high grade 2205 Duplex Stainless steel. This offers extra resistance to extreme weather and coastal climates, where high temperatures, salt and chlorine can stain lower grade stainless steel. 

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