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Basics about Glass Balustrade Design

Most modern construction designs include glass balustrades within their structures. Glass balustrades can be specified in two options – post systems & frameless glass designs. The primary reason for installing these features is to increase the appeal of the décor and to provide an aesthetically pleasing, safe barrier to protect against a change in floor levels.

Installing glass balustrades requires an understanding of the aspects involved and their use. For example, commercial establishments require frameless glass balustrades in internal areas (staircases, landings, and internal balconies and passageways) whereas residential blocks require them for balconies, terraces, patios, decks etc.

At Quantum Frameless Glass, we offer special guidance and technical advice for all our projects. We work closely with architects, housing developers, and industry professionals to design perfect glass balustrades. Let’s take a closer look at the basic of glass balustrade design below.

Frameless Glass Balustrades

Modern structures use glass and steel for their structures. The combination of these materials not only has an excellent aesthetic appeal like glass panels that help maximize light but also have functional benefits. Toughened laminated glass is strong and durable making it the perfect material for balustrade projects.

It has a strengthening interlayer in the glass panes, keeping the structure intact in case it shatters due to heavy impact. This feature is especially important in frameless balustrades where there are no handrails.

Stainless steel is another material used to complement the panels. A few of its excellent qualities are- high structural integrity, fire & heat resistance, impact resistance, and corrosion-resistance. SS also offers outstanding performance, mechanical functionality and is easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for high-quality glass balustrades.

High-Grade Glass Balustrade Fittings

We use the finest quality 304 & 316 stainless steel and add zinc alloy to make our glass balustrade fixings. We constantly develop our range of glass fixings like glass clamps, handrails, base channel (side & top mounted), standoff point fixings and fasteners. This keeps our product up to date and ensures it blends perfectly into the glass balustrade fixtures.

The primary aim of having balustrades is to provide a protective barrier against a change in floor level. In residential settings, a glass balustrade can be installed when the difference between the floor level is greater than 600mm. For non-residential settings, the criterion is when the floor level is more than 380mm.

The Load Aspect

The final aspect for specifying glass balustrades is its load bearing requirement. In total, there are three main types of loads to take into consideration – uniformly disturbed load (UDL), concentrated load and line load. These are the factors that affect the load requirements.

Another major aspect is the use of building and traffic levels. For determining the correct load for your balustrade installation, consider getting the advice of a specialist. They will provide you all the necessary information.

Hire The Expert Frameless Glass Balustrade Professionals

There are a number of advantages to opting for our expert solutions such as:

  • Our team works closely with architects and contractors while designing sophisticated balustrades by using the latest CAD systems.
  • We calculate, apply & test load bearing on the balustrade glass structures to ensure that it is completely safe for the intended purpose.

The focus is on providing customised services to clients based on their specific needs. All the materials used in the installation are of the highest quality. We have the ability to help our clients through all stages of the specification process, right from concept through to installations and completion.

For more information about balustrade installation procedures and our products, call 1300 282 248 or contact us through this online form.

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